Questions? | My baby was born at home in Los Angeles County. How do I get a birth certificate for my baby?

Frequently Asked Questions

The process for obtaining a birth certificate in Los Angeles County is similar to that for babies born in San Bernardino County, with one additional requirement. You should complete this out-of-hospital worksheet, and bring this along with your midwife’s affidavit of pregnancy to your appointment with the Department of Vital Records in downtown LA. You will also need to have a signed statement from a physician issued within 30 days of your baby’s birth (Los Angeles Co. is one of the only counties in California that requires this additional documentation). You can find details about the requirements on Los Angeles County’s Public Health website. You will need to make an appointment with the Vital Records Office in downtown LA after you have all the required documents, and both parents (and baby!) must appear in person with paperwork and photo ID.