A birth kit consists of the all the supplies (mostly disposable) you’ll need for your home birth, ranging from a alcohol prep pads to a waterproof mattress cover. There are a few basics that will be in every birth kit, but after the minimum requirements are met, you’ll find “extra” things on the list that are just the personal preference of individual midwives. Some midwives bring everything you’ll need and leave it with you at your 36-week home visit, while others ask you to order a custom kit from a birth supply website to be delivered to your house. Some midwives simply give you a list, requiring you to “scavenger hunt” everything from blue shop towels to sea salt. Most don’t include the price of the birth kit in the fee for homebirth, so ask your midwife how much extra your birth kit will cost (expect a range of $35 – $75). Here’s what I like my clients to have on hand at least 3 weeks before their due date, and they can easily order this custom birth kit online (no extra thinking required) — it’s listed under “Claremont Midwifery.”

Home Birth Kit

Home Birth Kit

Included in the birth kit:

15 – 23×36 underpads
10 – “super” 30X36 underpads
6 single sterile latex gloves, size 7 ½
3 pair sterile latex gloves (no powder), size 7 ½
6 small packages sterile jelly
fracture pan for placenta
10 Depends undergarments and one package OB pads
2×2 soft gauze (one sterile box)
4×4 sterile gauze (2 tubs)
2 cord clamps
1 bulb syringe
2 peribottles
30 alcohol prep pads
1 bottle hydrogen peroxide
2 chlorhexidine scrub brushes
Cord care powder
Baby hat

Extra (please have on hand):

waterproof mattress cover or plastic drop cloth
heavy duty paper towels
strong black trash bags (the “contractor” type)
4-5 towels for baby (that can get stained)
4-5 beach towels or large bath towels for mom
5-6 receiving blankets, preferably flannel or thermal type

Extra for waterbirth:

Tub (recommend Birth Tub in a Box or LaBassine)
50-100” hose (designed for drinking water, lead-, PVC- and phathlate free)
Adaptors for faucet
Extra drop cloth for under tub
Air pump (cheap electric or foot pump)
Pool thermometer for tub
Fish net for debris


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